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  •  2019 Candidate for IEEE President-Elect 

Position Statement

IEEE is uniquely positioned as a global leader in science, technology, and innovation. We should continue to be the premier reference in our field and further grow as a driver of innovation, timely identifying emerging needs and opportunities.

With the extraordinary expertise and dedication that our IEEE community offers, together we can face this challenge and enhance our profession by:

  • Continuing to be the trusted source for high-quality, innovative, and timely knowledge for scientists and professionals, by adopting a human-centric approach with modern delivery, addressing emerging topics and standardization needs, facilitating knowledge search with recommendation systems and data analytics, supporting research and education with data/algorithms repositories and educational material, providing practical knowledge to professionals, and attracting new communities and the general public;
  • Empowering and engaging the IEEE members and the whole scientific and professional community, by facilitating access to knowledge and services, providing tangible value and affordable membership fees, enhancing specialized networking, expanding continuing education and certifications, supporting career development, timely addressing needs of industry, entrepreneurs, and academia, and ensuring trust, transparency, sustainability, and participation of members in IEEE management;
  • Promoting inclusivity and diversity of technological expertise, profession, gender, age, and geographical origin, by acting holistically, nurturing our global and local communities, embracing the underserved groups and areas, engaging young generations and women, cooperating with national and international scientific/professional associations, and supporting public service, public policy, and humanitarian activities.

With this spirit, I am fully committed to serve our community, with strategic vision and guidance, encouraging participation and collegiality, galvanizing enthusiasm, and catalyzing the rich and diverse competences and aspirations of members and volunteers. I envision a holistic view for One IEEE, recognizing diversity as a fundamental richness for synergic cooperation, and in which everybody feels proud to be. An IEEE by people for people.

In this video, I briefly introduce my vision for strategic actions to nurture our IEEE and the entire scientific, technical, and professional community in our field, both worldwide and locally.


In this paper (IEEE New York Monitor, vol. 63, no. 9, November 2016), I present my vision on basic principles that should guide our strategic actions for the benefit of the community that we serve and the entire humanity.