2021-22 IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect 
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Welcome! I am running for 2021-22 IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect.

I am glad and honored to have been selected by the IEEE Region 8 Committee as a candidate for 2021-22 IEEE Region 8 Director-Elect (to become IEEE Region 8 Director in 2023-24.)

In this web site, I would like to offer you some information about my activities and share with you my vision on strategic directions for future actions of our Region and the entire IEEE.

I look forward to your support and respectfully urge you to vote in the IEEE elections.

Thank you for visiting my website.


IEEE Fellow (2001)
IEEE Society/Council active memberships/services: CIS, CE Soc, ComSoc, CS, CSS, EMBS, IAS, IES, IMS, PES, PHOS, RAS, SMCS, SPS, BIOMC, SYSC, WIE.
University of Milan, Italy

**The opinions expressed on this website are the opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinions of IEEE.

Position Statement

IEEE is uniquely positioned as a global leader in science, technology, and innovation. We should continue to be the premier reference in our field and further grow as a driver of innovation, timely identifying emerging needs and opportunities in our IEEE Region 8 and the entire IEEE.

With the extraordinary expertise and dedication that our IEEE community offers, together we can face this challenge and enhance our profession by:

  • identifying flexible and sustainable membership models, with fees proportional to the average income in our field in each Country, personalized membership benefits, and more focus on the young generations, thus making membership really valuable to each individual everywhere;
  • continuing to be the trusted source for high-quality knowledge, by nurturing technical activities and conferences, focusing more on emerging technologies, providing practical knowledge for professionals, expanding continuing education, facilitating knowledge search with recommendation systems, and creating innovative services and delivery methods for the professionals of the future;
  • supporting underserved groups and geographical areas, by facilitating the access to knowledge and education, promoting soft skills and mentoring services, supporting entrepreneurship, expanding services for industry professionals and industry, valuing all diversities, making micro-volunteering pervasive, and cooperating with Societies/Technical Councils, neighboring Sections, and national associations.

I am fully committed to serve the IEEE members and our community, with strategic vision and guidance, encouraging participation, galvanizing enthusiasm, favoring expression of all opinions, and catalyzing the rich and diverse competences and aspirations of members and volunteers. I envision a holistic view for our Region and the entire IEEE, while nurturing the local communities. A Region 8 and an IEEE in which everybody finds value and feels proud to be. An IEEE by people for people.



Vincenzo Piuri is Full Professor at the University of Milan, Italy (since 2000), where he was also Department Chair (2007-2012). He was Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Italy (1992-2000), visiting professor at the University of Texas at Austin, USA (summers 1996-1999), and visiting researcher at George Mason University, USA (summers 2012-2017). 

He founded a start-up company, Sensure srl, in the area of intelligent systems for industrial applications (leading it from 2007 until 2010) and was active in industrial research projects with several companies. 

He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

His main research and industrial application interests are: intelligent systems, computational intelligence, pattern analysis and recognition, machine learning, signal and image processing, biometrics, intelligent measurement systems, industrial applications, distributed processing systems, internet-of-things, cloud computing, fault tolerance, application-specific digital processing architectures, and arithmetic architectures. 

Full Biography


Vincenzo Piuri is in his 36th year of continuous and active service in IEEE, first as a student member and volunteer, and more recently as member of the IEEE Board of Directors for 4 years and IEEE Vice President for Technical Activities. He has been actively involved in many aspects and at many levels within IEEE activities and operations, including members services, technical committees, people networking, conferences, publications, education, finances, and management. 

In all these activities, he always had a comprehensive vision for IEEE as a single holistic entity as One IEEE, strongly promoting cooperation and inclusivity, for the mutual synergic benefit of all groups as well as our scientific, technical, and professional community and, ultimately, the entire society.

Why I'm Qualified

IEEE Activities

IEEE R8 Award Committee (2019-2020, Member)
IEEE Italy Section Entrepreneurship Committee (2019-2020, Chair)
IEEE R8 Award Committee (2019-2020, Member)
Program Chair of the IEEE Sections Congress (2017)
IEEE Awards Board (2017-2019, Member)
IEEE TAB Strategic Planning Committee (Chair)
IEEE MGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee
Nominator of the IEEE Milestone for “Dadda’s Multiplier”, Politecnico di Milano, Italy (2016)
Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (2016-2019)
2015 IEEE Strategic Planning AdHoc Committee
Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Systems Journal (2013-2017)
IEEE Publications Services and Products Board
IEEE PSPB Strategic Planning Committee
IEEE Biometrics Certification Committee (2008-2013, Chair)
IEEE Board of Directors (Division Director)
Vice-President for Publications of the IEEE Systems Council (2008-2011)
IEEE Division Director (2010-2012))

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