Membership Personalization

IEEE membership should be personalized for each individual to make it valuable to him/her.

For his/her membership bundle, each individual should be allowed to pick the services/products that really matter to him/her.

I envision a simple token-based model for implementing such flexibility and adaptability.

Each individual pays the membership and receives some tokens corresponding to the type and level of membership that he/she purchased. This is the total value of his/her membership.

What will be bundled in it? The individual member will decide what compose his/her own membership by using the tokens to buy what he/she really likes.

This model will allow for having every individual more likely satisfied by membership since he/she will get what really needs.

Besides, this bundle can be created not only at the membership renewal, but built dynamically along the year, so as to address emerging needs and evolving priorities.

It is worth noting that adaptability, evolvability, and satisfaction, will be fundamental for attracting and retaining members since this model will show the continuous care of IEEE for each of them. One size does not fit all.

Finally, this model will allow also for easily addressing another significant issue: dedicated volunteers should be recognized and rewarded for their services, not only with certificates and, eventually, with awards for the most outstanding, but in a tangible way for making visible the appreciation of our association. Complimentary tokens will nicely complement certifications and awards.

Posted in Members on Sep 10, 2020.