IEEE Membership Fees

IEEE membership and product/service fees should be affordable everywhere, including within large countries where differences in the average income may be significant among geographical areas.

Even though people see value in membership and products/services, the cost is still a barrier in several areas. Electronic membership is still too high, especially for young people, in various places.

I believe that fees should be proportional to the average income in our field in industry and academia. This approach will make the burden fairer and IEEE more accessible to the scientific and professional community, allowing many more people to join in and better serving the entire community. This approach will broaden people networking and knowledge sharing, contributing to community growth, scientific and technological advancement, and industry innovation.

Membership should have multiple tiers so that each member can choose the level of services proportional to the fee.

Transition from students to professionals should occur more gradually. In the last year before graduation, student members should be exposed (free of charge) to some benefits of the professional membership to appreciate what they can get later.

Membership to IEEE Women in Engineering should be free of charge, as for young professionals and life members.

… more about membership value will come soon!

Posted in Members on Sep 10, 2020.