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Which is the most remarkable achievement of yours in technical leadership?

I am proud of having catalyzed the efforts on environmental technologies, methodologies, standards, and applications in IEEE by promoting the creation of the IEEE Environmental Engineering Initiative (

Dealing with big organizations is never easy. Which has been your happiest experience? What kind of problems have you encountered in IEEE?

Volunteers are extraordinary and willing to embrace new challenges for the advancement of science and technology, for improving the economic and social conditions of people, for ensuring a sustainable future to the humanity and better living conditions. Knowledge, competences, and enthusiasm of volunteers have been and will always be the powerful and tireless engine of IEEE.

Efficiency vs. effectiveness?

Engaging the scientific and professional community and understanding its needs in a timely manner lead to effectiveness and efficiency.

I believe that effectiveness is essential, not only efficiency and fast decision. We should never sacrifice one for the other.

Strategic Actions

I’d like to share here my vision for strategic actions to nurture our IEEE and the entire scientific, technical, and professional community in our field, both worldwide and locally.

I’ll post here more thoughts in the next weeks. Comments? Suggestions? I’ll be happy to exchange views and ideas with each of you!

Basic Principles

Last summer, I have been meditating again about our core values, our mission, and our driving principles. I’d like to share my thoughts and vision on basic principles that should guide our strategic actions for the benefit of the community that we serve and the entire humanity. Please, read this paper, which has been published in the IEEE New York Monitor, vol. 63, no. 9, November 2016. I’d like to hear from you.

Welcome to my Blog

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website and blog. I will be collecting here some ideas and discussions with colleagues from around the world about the future of our IEEE, our aspirations, our needs, and how we can serve better our community and the entire humanity. I am looking forward to hearing from you by email, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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