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Collaboration among Organizational Units is important to promote research, development, education, and membership. Do you have any plans to push efficient collaboration further?

Since some years, I am promoting collaboration among Societies, Technical Councils, Standard Association, Regions, and Sections to understand respective needs and synergies as One IEEE. This approach strengthen bonds, improve effectiveness, enhance knowledge dissemination, expand people networking, support interdisciplinary areas, increase service/product users, reduce duplications, and reduce expenses.

Across Organizational Units, I would like to promote:

What are your plans for increasing net revenue of Organizational Units and for reducing overhead expenses?

Transparency of decisions and finances is essential to understand budget. Pervasive and deep participation of diverse-thinking volunteers and Organizational Units to decision processes is essential for comprehensive analysis. These principles should be preserved for appropriate monitoring and control.

To ensure transparency we should:

If elected President, what is the very first thing you would like to start with immediately?

I will focus on creating a personalized offer for every individual so that IEEE be a unique comprehensive experience for her/him. Specifically, I will work with all Boards and organizational units catalyzing our efforts on:

In order to express appreciation to volunteers and promote volunteers’ activities further, what do you think about adopting a point accumulation program like the one, e.g., of airlines?

A point accumulation system rewarding well-accomplished volunteering activities for Organizational Units will be valuable. I personally started analyzing it when I was Division Director.

Points might be used to:

If elected President, what is the long-term objective that will keep you awake at night?

Nurturing the scientific and professional community, globally and locally, by ensuring cooperation as One IEEE.

What motivates you and what qualifies you for the position you are seeking?

I am motivated by the passion for serving and giving back to IEEE members and our scientific and professional community.

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