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If elected President, what is the very first thing you would like to start with immediately?

I will focus on creating a personalized offer for every individual so that IEEE be a unique comprehensive experience for her/him. Specifically, I will work with all Boards and organizational units catalyzing our efforts on:

In order to express appreciation to volunteers and promote volunteers’ activities further, what do you think about adopting a point accumulation program like the one, e.g., of airlines?

A point accumulation system rewarding well-accomplished volunteering activities for Organizational Units will be valuable. I personally started analyzing it when I was Division Director.

Points might be used to:

If elected President, what is the long-term objective that will keep you awake at night?

Nurturing the scientific and professional community, globally and locally, by ensuring cooperation as One IEEE.

What motivates you and what qualifies you for the position you are seeking?

I am motivated by the passion for serving and giving back to IEEE members and our scientific and professional community.

Which is your experience related to leadership that you consider personally most remarkable?

I have many memories in which mutual understanding and cooperation have been shown an essential way to ensure effective and efficient action in IEEE.

In your personal experience, what moved you from a technical into leadership perspective?

When I have been serving as Director of a university department and Director of a PhD program, I started understanding and appreciating the value and the power of diversity and collegiality to achieve better solutions and engage people. Their importance became even clearer and more significant to me when I have been serving as volunteer in IEEE as chair of technical committees and general/program chair of conferences. Transparency, trust, and participation of people are essential.

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