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Globalization is undeniable. but global solutions or models hardly fit everything. Being IEEE a global organization that serves every member around the world, how do you envision globalization of strategies with personalization of services?

The global perspective allows for sharing knowledge as well as for creating networking opportunities around the world to sustain the global growth of the humanity. None should be ever left behind since everybody is an essential part of our scientific and professional community and everybody can actually contribute to advance technology, innovate, and – ultimately – to the social and economic development.

Is efficiency more important than volunteers’ participation, transparency, and trust?

IEEE should always be a scientific and professional association by people for people. I firmly believe that volunteers, especially the most senior, and the organizational units should always be involved in the decision processes since the inception. They should be integral part of the creation of the solutions, especially for fundamental problems.

Is diversity a problem or a resource for IEEE?

I always thought and strongly promoted that diversity is essential and should never be impaired.
Diversity is part of our life and, consequently, should be an essential value for IEEE.

IEEE members have different employment type: academia, industry, government agencies. What is your perspective on their satisfaction balance?

All groups of our scientific and professional community should be equally nurtured. While maintaining and reinforcing the services and the products which are valuable to academia, we should expand and create more products and services addressing the needs of professionals, industry and entrepreneurs as well as people in government agencies.

How do you think IEEE should support professional continuous education?

Continuing education is an essential part of being an engineer. To remain on the leading edge of technology and innovation, especially in the rapidly-evolving, emerging, and interdisciplinary knowledge which is the foundation of modern complex applications, continuing education is crucial to ensure ability of addressing modern challenges and develop innovative solutions, as well as advancing the technologies.

IEEE aims at “Advancing Technology for Humanity”. How would you encourage IEEE members to envision and embrace this perspective, so far from engineering education?

Strategic actions can be envisioned in various directions to point out the value of advancing technology for the ultimate benefit of humanity, i.e., for the social and economic advancement of the society as well as for improving the quality of life of every individual:

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