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You have championed the cause of one IEEE. How do you envision uniting such a diverse, multi-faceted society?

Mutual understanding and cooperation have been shown an essential way to ensure effective and efficient action as One IEEE. This approach strengthen bonds, improve effectiveness, enhance knowledge dissemination, expand people networking, support interdisciplinary areas, increase service/product users, reduce duplications, and reduce expenses.

Artificial Intelligence. Road to revolution or a road to human annihilation?

Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Systems have been studied for several decades. I have been personally working in this area for three decades, with innovative research results for which I have been awarded the IEEE Fellow grade.

What do you believe are the major issues facing the IEEE?

IEEE must strengthen attractiveness, value, and relevance for members, volunteers, the scientific and professional community, and the entire humanity. IEEE groups must reinforce cooperation towards One IEEE.

Critical aspects are products, services, membership value, diversity, globalization, visibility, innovation investments, and financial sustainability. We should focus more on:

What do you think is the number one goal for the IEEE leadership?

IEEE leadership should continuously grow IEEE as the premiere organization for our scientific and professional community and as the reference for academy, industry, government, and the general public, for the benefit of humanity.

Globalization is undeniable. but global solutions or models hardly fit everything. Being IEEE a global organization that serves every member around the world, how do you envision globalization of strategies with personalization of services?

The global perspective allows for sharing knowledge as well as for creating networking opportunities around the world to sustain the global growth of the humanity. None should be ever left behind since everybody is an essential part of our scientific and professional community and everybody can actually contribute to advance technology, innovate, and – ultimately – to the social and economic development.

Is efficiency more important than volunteers’ participation, transparency, and trust?

IEEE should always be a scientific and professional association by people for people. I firmly believe that volunteers, especially the most senior, and the organizational units should always be involved in the decision processes since the inception. They should be integral part of the creation of the solutions, especially for fundamental problems.

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