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Trustworthy knowledge

Many sources of knowledge are nowadays available, but not all of them are really correct or valuable. The limited time that we have to understand the quality and relevance of each source is more and more limited due to the increasing urgency of solving theoretical and practical problems, both in the academia, the industry, and the government agencies.

Emerging technologies and applications

Emerging technologies and applications are the future of the scientific and technological innovation and the essential foundations for the economic and social development as well as for a better life of people around the world.

IEEE should continue to foster them and expand the support to the scientific and professional community in these areas.

Membership personalization

IEEE membership should be personalized for each individual to make it valuable to him/her.

For his/her membership bundle, each individual should be allowed to pick the services/products that really matter to him/her.

I envision a simple token-based model for implementing such flexibility and adaptability.

IEEE Membership fees

IEEE membership and product/service fees should be affordable everywhere, including within large countries where differences in the average income may be significant among geographical areas.

Even though people see value in membership and products/services, the cost is still a barrier in several areas. Electronic membership is still too high, especially for young people, in various places.

IEEE should always focus on the needs of people

I believe that IEEE should always focus on the needs of people in our scientific and professional community, for technology advancement, innovation, and professional growth, as well as - ultimately - for the economic and social development and the benefit of the humanity. We are a professional association by people for people.

Students – as young professionals – are the future of our scientific and professional community. In your vision, what you will do for enhancing IEEE services to students if elected 2018 IEEE President-Elect?

Students are an essential part of our scientific and professional community since they will become the professionals and the scientists of the future. They will be the future. And, as IEEE, we need to provide them knowledge, tools, and services to support them in building their personal knowledge, skills, and career, complementing and extending the fundamental, applied, and advanced knowledge and the experiences provided by the universities.

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