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Aug 16

You have championed the cause of one IEEE. How do you envision uniting such a diverse, multi-faceted society?

Mutual understanding and cooperation have been shown an essential way to ensure effective and efficient action as One IEEE. This approach strengthen bonds, improve effectiveness, enhance knowledge dissemination, expand people networking, support interdisciplinary areas, increase service/product users, reduce duplications, and reduce expenses.

A few years ago, I started to promote cooperation among the Major Boards with visits to Region meetings and other informal gatherings. This initiative contributed in increasing the reciprocal understanding of the needs, problems, and aspirations, establishing a more open dialogue, and looking for opportunities for collaboration. This atmosphere already produced some results and is continuing improving the positive relationships among Major Boards, reflecting also on the relationships among Sections and Societies.

I also created an AdHoc Committee on Standards Activities in TAB to facilitate and promote cooperation among Societies, Technical Councils and the Standards Association. This committee has been successful in collecting and disseminating the best practices among Societies and Technical Councils, as well as improving and expanding the cooperation with Standards Association. These activities have been so appreciated that this committee has been reappointed also in the subsequent years. Similarly, I chartered the AdHoc Committee on Educational Activities in TAB with specific goals of supporting cooperation among Societies, Technical Councils and the Educational Activities Board. Also this committee has been successful in promoting mutual understanding and cooperation.

Finally, I started the IEEE Environmental Engineering Initiative to nurture this specific interdisciplinary field with the cooperation of 23 Societies and Technical Council, Standards Association, Members and Geographic Activities Board, IEEE-USA, Educational Activities Board, as well as various IEEE standing committees.

Based on these fruitful experiences and leveraging on my personal attitude to positive personal interaction, across Organizational Units I would like to boost mutual understanding and cooperation by promoting:

  • best practices concerning cooperation to make more visible the value and the opportunities for working together;
  • best practices concerning inclusivity and all diversities (geographic origin, employment, age, gender, …) to make more visible the benefits of diverse thinking;
  • volunteers’ awareness to make cooperation value visible;
  • transparency and participation in decision processes;
  • new initiatives for interdisciplinary emerging technologies/applications/standards and products/services;
  • single repository of educational material metadata for comprehensive search;
  • recommendation system for searching in IEEE knowledge, services, and products;
  • data/algorithms repositories and data analytics/mining tools for research, industry, and education;
  • analysis of joint discounted membership, joint rewarding mechanisms, and other membership models among Societies and Standards Association;
  • study of IEEE membership personalization with knowledge, services, and products relevant to individual member’s profile, independently from originating Organizational Units;
  • cooperation with national sister associations and other international associations for exploiting synergies and better serve the local scientific and professional communities.

All together we can do much more!

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