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Trustworthy knowledge

Trustworthy knowledge

Many sources of knowledge are nowadays available, but not all of them are really correct or valuable. The limited time that we have to understand the quality and relevance of each source is more and more limited due to the increasing urgency of solving theoretical and practical problems, both in the academia, the industry, and the government agencies.

IEEE should continue to be the source of timely and trusted knowledge in our field to facilitate each and every one of us in our daily job, avoiding that we waste time in understanding the accuracy and correctness of what we found in the public domain.

We should always promote quality and excellence in publications and conferences so that the scientific and professional community can continue to rely on the knowledge disseminated by IEEE, selected and validated by an accurate review process. We should expand quality checking and make it easier to use.

We should always strive for making available the knowledge in the shortest time as possible so that the scientific and professional community can access to new ideas, approaches, methods, and successful cases and build on them new research and applications, further accelerating the innovation blooming. We should improve and homogenize the dissemination processes to facilitate and expedite them as much as possible.

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