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Aug 17

STRATEGIC ACTIONS FOR OUR IEEE: A HOME FOR EVERYBODY … my vision as Candidate for 2018 IEEE President-Elect (2019 IEEE President)

IEEE is the leading association in science, technology, and innovation in our field, thanks to the extraordinary competences, efforts, and dedication of the many outstanding volunteers and staff. To continue to be the premiere reference in the world, we should timely identify and address all needs of our scientific and professional community, supporting scientific, technological, industrial, economic, and social development for the benefit of humanity.

To this purpose, we should understand the needs and the aspirations of each individual in our community and provide a personalized experience across the entire IEEE by adopting a human-centric approach, with selected services and products in the various stages of her professional career. These increased value and relevance will also contribute to attract and retain members and volunteers ensuring that IEEE will continue to flourish.

In this direction, I envision several opportunities for strategic actions:

  • Expand activities, events, services, material, and products on emerging technologies and interdisciplinary areas as well as emerging needs for technologies, standards, and applications to support technological development and innovation in research and industry, while continuing to produce high-quality knowledge and enhance curation and modern delivery mechanisms facilitating the access to knowledge.
  • Increase continuing education programs and centralize the access to materials available in the various IEEE groups, to support the transition from student to professional, the evolving career of young professionals, entrepreneurship, and people changing jobs as well as the industry needs for tailored corporate-wide approaches.
  • Create practical knowledge for professionals to solve real-world problems and use standards, including guidelines, methodologies, best practices, and successful cases showing how to translate effectively the knowledge learned in university courses into working solutions and be more effective in the industry.
  • Develop services for sharing knowledge through data, algorithms, and experimental results, with data mining and data analytics, by fostering innovation in the industry, and by supporting educational activities with advanced educational materials.
  • Enhance people networking with specialized forums and events to foster dissemination of knowledge and best practices, mentoring on technology and career development, supporting inclusivity, and providing competence directories and repositories.
  • Introduce a recommendation system to promote awareness about and facilitate the selection of knowledge, events, activities, products, and services available in IEEE, by tailoring the search on the profile of each individual and proactively suggesting opportunities.
  • Personalize membership, with affordable membership fees, tangible benefits, tailored bundles of services and products, participation in technical communities, joint memberships, rewarding mechanisms, sustainable payment methods, and multi-tier membership models.
  • Promote inclusivity and diversity and make this approach more visible and pervasive, by focusing especially on local communities, underserved groups and areas, young professionals, women, young generations, so as to tailor activities, events, products, and services to their specific needs.
  • Enhance the support to public services, public policy, and humanitarian activities to reinforce the visibility, standing, and appreciation of IEEE worldwide.
  • Increase cooperation among groups in IEEE and with other international and national associations with a holistic approach, exploiting synergies and focusing on the needs of the community.

In summary, we should nurture each individual in the scientific and professional community, making IEEE her real scientific and professional home. We need:

  • to continue to be the trusted source for high-quality, innovative, and timely knowledge for scientists and professionals,
  • to empower and engage the IEEE members and the whole scientific and professional community,
  • to promote inclusivity, diversity, diverse thinking, and active participation.

We should strive for innovation in IEEE activities, events, services, and products. We should promote cooperation, transparency, trust, and overall financial sustainability. We should understand and serve our community, both globally and locally, with a holistic view for One IEEE, recognizing diversity as a fundamental richness for synergic cooperation, and in which everybody feels proud to be.

An IEEE by people for people.

If we will properly do so, people will appreciate and value IEEE, perceive relevant to have an active role in it, and – consequently – be happy and proud to become or remain a member and contribute to fostering the advancement of technology for benefit of humanity.

With this spirit, I am fully committed to work in these directions for our scientific and professional community as One IEEE.

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