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Emerging technologies and applications

Emerging technologies and applications

Emerging technologies and applications are the future of the scientific and technological innovation and the essential foundations for the economic and social development as well as for a better life of people around the world.

IEEE should continue to foster them and expand the support to the scientific and professional community in these areas.

Timely sharing knowledge and people networking are essential to stimulate innovation and broadcast creative ideas for improving current solutions and developing new approaches and new technologies.

Continuing education is essential to ensure the young generation to enter in the emerging areas and markets as well as all professionals to embrace new approaches and solutions.

Our scientific and professional community should always be on the leading edge of innovation. IEEE should promote and facilitate each of us in this direction.

Also emerging needs for technologies should be nurtured since they are essential to support the industry and the local economies.

IEEE should always strive to support emerging technologies, applications, and technology needs around the world, looking also specifically to the local needs. We should produce more tutorials, surveys, webinars, roadmaps, guidelines, and summer schools. We should further create specialized forum for people networking, including conferences with industrial-oriented tracks. We should provide repositories for data, algorithms, experiments, and successful cases to support industry innovation. We should further engage the young professionals, the students, and the entrepreneurs in these emerging areas. We should further support the industry professionals in expanding their knowledge in these topics for remaining on the leading edge of technology and facilitate possible job transitions.

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